Fabris Deni – Book on Integral Education

Integral education is an open and complete system that can also be adapted to all children, according to their personality and their needs. It covers in a coherent and subtle way all the physical, emotional, mental and inner aspects of a child’s development, through: All this offers the child a profound psychological knowledge of self,…

Theatre as a tool for children’s education at TLC

“Theatre is a way of bringing out of everyone what would otherwise remain hidden”Peter Brook Introducing children to theater is to give them the opportunity to try a practice thatengages their whole being and that allows them to better know themselves, to(re)discover the other, to better learn the power of words, and to better know…

Research document Free Progress Experiment Pondicherry

Published by UNESCO in 1972, this paper shares the educational practices in the Ashram school in the early days. The role of the teacher, and the freedom of the student are some of the areas presented. Free Progress Experiment Pondicherry

Auroville Botanical Gardens Green School Project

To celebrate 50 years of Auroville, Auroville Botanical Gardens fenced and planted in 55 schools in the neighboring schools. This short video shares their experience of this project. The green school project has been implemented in the schools of the Auroville bio-region to increase the greenery in schools and to build a bond between the…

Education and the food we eat

Krishna from Solitude sharing about the value of soil ecology and the nutritional values of our local food. TEDx with Krishna

kNOw Plastics Educational Programme

Video that shows the educational programme on plastics in action, developed by the amazing Wasteless team! kNOw Plastics Educational Programme

Psychic Education compilation by Shraddhavan

Sharing an excerpt in which The Mother offers some practical guidance for Psychic discovery: The starting-point is to seek in yourself that which is independent of the body and the circumstances of life, which is not born of the mental formation that you have been given, the language you speak, the habits and customs of…