Integral Education in brief

A new system of education has a central place and will play a significant role in the shifts in society that Auroville is aiming at realising. It is a psychic education that we are pursuing, through the implementation of Integral Education.

“The psychic is the spark of the Divine Fire which upholds the evolution of each individual upon earth. It is the ‘soul-consciousness’ that governs life after life, or rather that becomes more manifest through the instrumentation of mind, life and body, until all is ready for union with the Divine.” – Sri Aurobindo

These are the two parts of Integral Education:

  • The unfolding of the psychic through an education that nurtures the inner growth of the child or adolescence
  • The perfection of the physical, vital and mental instruments, through which the psychic can find its expression.

What we are trying to attempt in Auroville is a learning environment where the atmosphere and every detail has a psychic touch. In such an environment the perfection of each one’s hidden capacities, the overcoming of one’s limitations, and a growth in harmony and guided by each one’s inner law is the foundation.

There are three principals that form the base for such an education.

“The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught.”

“The second principle is that the mind has to be consulted in its own growth.”

“The third principle of education is to work from the near to the far, from that which is, to that which shall be…”

With a new education come the challenges of putting the theory into practice. Auroville is a living laboratory, a place where all discoveries in the field of education, from around the world and from within Auroville, will be our guides and tools in the implementation of Integral Education. This website is an attempt to share these discoveries, to learn from each other and together, and to boldly spring towards future realisations.

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