Integral Education from the grassroots

The conception of a child and pregnancy is where the Integral Education of a child begins. Expecting parents who want to offer their child such an education first need to educate themselves. Children learn very much from example, therefore the nature the parents would like to see in their growing child they first need manifest in themselves.

“True maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being, with the willed shaping of a soul coming to develop and utilise a new body. The true domain of women is the spiritual….The work really commences when, by the power of thought and will, we conceive and create a character capable of manifesting an ideal….For this form meant to manifest the spiritual force capable of transforming the earth’s present conditions, this new form, who is to construct it if not the woman.” (The Mother)

The mother needs to embody the psychic touch that she wishes the child to absorb, through her. She should surround herself with beauty, harmony, a tranquil rhythm and have a peaceful temperament. For the development of the child’s physical and mental faculties, the mother’s healthy and balanced habits of exercise, food and sleep are critical.

During the nine months in the mother’s womb the child is in very different environment from the one after birth. During this period in the child’s life the physical and psychic development is enormous. The nervous system develops during this time, and the head is always the greatest part in proportion to the rest of the body. The child experiences being asleep and awake, and by the end of the pregnancy the child spends half of its time dreaming.  All the sensory organs (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) develop early.

In the uterus the child is in a close relationship with its environment, which offers it a lot of information through rich sensory inputs. This is the start of the vital education of the child, helping the child to discover and connect through the senses. It is an important time to start bonding with the child, by talking, singing to it, or playing music.  When the child is born the deep connection between the mother and the child has then already been established, and the child recognises the invisible forces that the mother radiates and to which it is already accustomed.

Every child is then born into this world with greatest potential, with a brain with 100 billions of neurons forming new connections at the astounding rate of up to a thousand per second. These early connections form the basis for neuroplasticity, which underlies the lifelong capacity to learn, for physical and mental health, and adaptation to change.

The Integral Education of a child during the early stages in its life is therefore very important. It sets the foundation for the child’s continued growth and potential throughout childhood, adolescence and adult life.


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