The Adventure of the Nine

L ‘ Adventure des Neuf/The Adventure of the Nine, Historie/Story by Namah C. Nugier, Illustration by Jyoti Khare,

Published by SAIIER, Bharat Nivas, Auroville, 605101, T. N., India, First Edition March, 2009. P. 105, in French and English


The book contains ten small stories which feature the children of the Golden City Arun, Timothee, Divya, Samual, Zenzi, Kaya, Juliette, Terenti and Balaji as the heroes. The children act themselves in the ten created stories, which is part of research program, >>Yoga, Consciousness in Matter and Evolution<< Series “History and Geography of the Being” in Auroville. This research program can be seen as Auroville’s initiation in experimental spiritualism in its body, in its matter. Auroville is conceived as a >>laboratory of evolution<< with an aims towards further evolution of our human species.

In this book a fairy with the golden skin ascends to the Nine (children) on a little white horse and then starts the Adventure of the Nine. Where do they go? They are on the horses, galloping towards the Sun. During their marvelous journey, they come across >>a tree, full of all kinds of fruits<<; >>a magical forest, an ancient forest, where all nature is alive<<; >>a giant mountain<<; >>the plain, which looks like a desert of pink earth<<. And at some point on their journey, they get tired and exhausted and they doze off,and get drifted in another journey in their dreams. “And in their dreams, their body talked in its own language and told them how important he was, because inside him lived – all together – Madame Earth. Monsieur Fire, Mademoiselle Water, and two young men, Air and Ether, and that they had to agree if he, the body, would live harmoniously.”[1]

The Adventure of the Nine is the adventure across the inner worlds. The first story, is “The Heart, Terenti the Brave”, second one is “The Breath, Zenzi the Mysterious”, third, “The Food, Divya, the Wise”, fourth, “The Skeleton, Samuel the Dreamer”, fifth “The Muscles, Kaya and Dragon the Dangerous”, sixth “The Senses, Balaji, the Happy”, seventh “The crossing, Together”, eighth “The Golden Centre, Juliette the Tender”, ninth “The Creation, Arun the Artist”, tenth “The Return, The Golden City”.

The book, written for the children in the age group of 8 to 12 years old proposes >>an initiatic journey<< to the readers across the inner worlds. The author and the illustrator, both live in Auroville in South India. The book with its beautiful pictorial and poetic language and through rich colorful illustrations is to be understood in the context of the philosophy, around which Auroville is founded. Auroville is a place for experimental spirituality which is based on Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of Integral Yoga, that is “precisely that point of our development when we pass from the endless meanderings of natural evolution to a conscious and guided evolution: it is a process of concentrated evolution.”[2]

The book is an interesting reading for children and could be a useful material in their inner quest. However if it is to be seen as a guide book through which children >> could learn (to a certain extent) how to be, at will, in a specific state of consciousness, and how to communicate more consciously with their body<<[3], it needs to be equipped with more supplementary materials, like documentation of the process through which the book evolved.

(This review is based on the English version of the Book as the reviewer has no knowledge of the French language.)

[1] Nugies, C. Namah: L ‘ Adventure des Neuf/The Adventure of the Nine, Published by SAIIER, Bharat Nivas, Auroville, 605101, T. N., India, First Edition March, 2009, P. 67.

[2] Satprem: “Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciosness”, Translated from the French, Institut De Recherches Evolutives, France, 1996, 2000 & 2008. P. 109.



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