Jean-Francois Noubel Shares

On Thursday the 12th Janurary 2017 Jean-Francois Noubel shared his insights, knowledge and experiences about the implementation of “The Gift Economy” and about the power and necessity of “Collective Evolution” with many helpful pointers and tools. His approach was so inspiring and perfect for the need of the moment, prioritizing the utmost importance on bringing…

Transformation for Fourth Graders

What are the mysterious words “Supramental Transformation? Sixty fourth grade children came to the Supramental Transformation exhibition at Savitri Bhavan to hear Loretta explain. Will children of 9-10 years remain quiet and listen to a subject which adults say they can’t understand? Every child remained attentive, and they really learned what the words mean. Then…

A Conscious Collective

Deepti Tewari has been in Auroville since she was 16. She has read the Mother and Sri Aurobindo extensively and has achieved much clarity on their ideas of the ‘earth consciousness’. Today she shared with us her understanding of the ‘type of consciousness’ that Auroville was built on, and the consciousness that Aurovillians perhaps need…

Lilith Fashion School

The Lilith Fashion School, Auroville’s first apprenticeship program for its youth. Chandrah and Vanitha speak about their experience in the school. Listen here

The Service week Experience!

Hello Auroville! Has anyone ever wondered what actually goes on when bunches of teenagers are made to work hard? We are here to enlighten you… Listen here

Building Bridges

Kalsang and Matilde share about their planned trip with students aged 13-16 to Dharamsala.  Buidling Bridges is the name of their program. Tibetan students come to Auroville, and students from Auroville and surrounding villages travel to Dharamsala. Kalsang has some more experiences since for past seven years was, organizing the “Home away from Home” program…

The Journey on Ganga

GANGA – THE JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY A group of of students and facilitators from Auroville undertook an adventurous journey, “A river trail – Ganga Yatra as a part of an Experiential Learning course. Listen to the students share their experience on the Auroville Radio.

Auroville Education Survey (1968-2013)

Auroville is an experimental community aspiring towards the evolution of consciousness in light of the revered Indian yogi, philosopher and revolutionary Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. His spiritual collaborator, The Mother, founded the international township in southeast India in 1968, with the endorsement of the Government of India and UNESCO. Approaching its 50th anniversary, Auroville is…

Auroville Youth Activities (AVYA)

Auroville Youth Activities (AVYA) In Auroville the children have an immense variety of activities through which to explore and develop. This richness and variety can allow each child and youth to have the opportunity to try many different things, on the path of finding their own passions to deepen in. Visit the AVYA website to…

Rain Dance

Rain Dance, Auroville Nov. 2016 Interactive Learning Rhizome

A New Education for a New Consciousness

“The world knows three kinds of revolution. The material has strong results, the moral and intellectual are infinitely larger in their scope and richer in their fruits, but the spiritual are the great sowings.” Sri Aurobindo About this soft copy: Its text is the same as that of the book published by SAICE in 1992….