“Matrimandir” The Treasure of the Flame Island

“This story is a magical and initiatory journey into the Matrimandir and its gardens. It is depicting my 3 children characters, Papui, Elei and Sà in a silent journey of colors, forms and surprises… It is a different vision perspective of the Island given by the Golden Child Papui and SomethingElse. Papui is having a stroll…

Evolution Fast-Forward

A three part Auroville-produced video about the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, done entirely using computer motion graphics. It presents the evolutionary crisis, the two negations and the synthesis of Consciousness and Force. For those who already know about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother the video provides a contemporary way of…

Children of Auroville, Part 2

This video is a production of Doris and Francis, where they interviewed the second generation of children who grew up in the ‘City of Dawn’. “Living in a community dedicated to Human Unity based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, is a very challenging experience. This is the story of the children who…

Rain Dance

Rain Dance, Auroville Nov. 2016 Interactive Learning Rhizome

A Trip

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